WD My Book RAID rebuild

I have an issue with my mirror edition where it no longer shows up, it appears as unformatted and I fear I have lost all my data. I have started RAID manager and it says drive B is ‘Good’ and drive A is rebuilding. It has been rebuilding for about 20 hours and there are no audible drive sounds. Is it still rebuilding? It says it is but I can’t hear anything. Some advice here would be appreciated.

Hi TS2828, welcome to the WD Community. Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Can you share the model of your drive? 

Thanks for the reply, it’s a My Book Mirror Edition (approx 4 years old) with 2 x 1TB drives (1TB usable).

It appears to completed the rebuild! It took many, many hours. It shows as having RAID Status: Healthy.

However, it still appears as unreadable to my Mac and when I look in disk utilities is say unformatted and I cannot access any data.

Please HELP!