WD My Book Pro Edition II - 1TB

I am not getting any power to my hard drives. The blue rings are very dimly lit (very very dim). Once I press the power button, I get nothing. I have my drives striped in a RAID 0. What should I do now? To recover my files from the hard drives, would it be as simple as getting a new enclosure and putting the 2 hard drives back in?

1.  RAID 0 mode, recovering data is almost impossible as half of data is stored in disk 1 and other half in disk 2.

2.  Try to find out which drive is bad and by listening to the drive.

3.  If clicking sound is heard, take out bad drive and gently tap on it (do this on your own risk as by doing so can damage more).  Put it back and see if drive data is recoginized.

4.  If yes, back up data ASAP to another drive.