Wd my book prem II

Hello.I’ve tried to look for answers on this site prior to creating this post. My WD MYBOOK PREM II seems to be stuck with the blue circle spinning. Shows up in MY COM but is blank also used WD data lifeguard which shows the drive letter but gives no info. I don’t hear the click of death but desperately need files off. 

Many thanks in advance.



One quick question, how is the drive connected to the power source? Are you using a power strip or is directly to the wall outlet? Also have you test your drive using a different power adapter?

Plugged into wall. What’s weird isvthat once the blue circle stops spinning I can see the drive in my computer but it’s blank. Further more the wd raid manager shows a healthy drive. In Wd life guard I can see the drive as a logical only drive letter no status. So confused. Is there data or not?