WD My Book - Outstanding Backup System

Just wanted to say that I installed my WD My Book about eight weeks ago and it has been utterly fantastic having a backup system that records my work as I am doing it. What a simple, uncomplicated system you guys have produced. At any given moment, I can enter File Manager, find the WD sub-directory and see the file I had must modified with the current changes.
I have owned countless backup software and hardware and nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to your system. You really hit one out of the park this time.

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Welcome to the WD Community and thank you for sharing your experience. I’m most pleased it has been a positive one.


I some how don’t have the correct password to get into my WD My Book. My clue tells me that I have the correct one, however, I have not used it in over six months. Can anyone help me with some of the password minimums or retraints? Capital and numbers a must? I have tried everything and really need to set it up for work. Ugh!  I don’t get it.

Any help welcomed!

There are no specifics as the password is completely user-defined with no dedicated requirements. If you are unable to recall the exact password you can install WD SmartWare and proceed to unlock your hard drive. After 5 attempts with a wrong password you will be given the option to erase the drive alongside the password.