Wd my book not recognized

Windows 10 does not recognize WD MY BOOK 6TB DRIVE.
Windows did crash. Suspect lost drivers .
WDBBG model.

There could be various reasons for a drive to become unresponsive or undetected. The external drive may be detected by the system if you connect it to another PC, but it doesn’t respond.

Below are the few possible reasons for this issue:

  1. Corrupt or unstable USB driver
  2. Windows is missing important updates
  3. USB controllers may have become unstable or corrupt
  4. Corrupt USB drive or partition

However, you can still fix the issue and extract the files from the USB drive by attempting the below methods:

  1. Plug the drive into another USB port
  2. Change USB cable
  3. Change drive letter
  4. Reinstall USB controller
  5. Update WD device driver
  6. Run anti-virus software

Further, I suggest you to check out the below blog to know the solution for the issue: How to Fix Not Responding Hard Drive

Hope this will help.