WD My Book not recognised by media player

Just bought 3 x WD My Books 4TB each to transfer all of my films from my old drives to these new ones. I was led to believe they would act just like any other external hard drive.
However, having filled up one WD drive, I then connected to my Mede8er media player for viewing but it does not see the drive.
I have not installed any software, just copied films from old drive to new WD one and works fine on the PC. All of my other older drives also work on both PC and media player.
Thank you for any help or advice

Probably has something to do with the new hard drives (from all manufacturers) having 4K Sectors and GPT (GUID Partition Table)

A lot of old devices don’t support 4K/GPT … and only support 512Byte/MBR

Thank you Joey, don’t quite understand fully but I’ll look into that

Old hard drives for years used 512byte sectors and MBR (Master Boot Record) partition table.

The big limitation is that MBR only supports a Maxumum size of 2TB (Terabytes)

(there were ways around it which manufacturers using 512 byte emulation on hard drives over 2TB … but thats another story)

Hard drive Manufacturers now use 4K Sectors and GPT (GUID Partition Table) to increase the capacity of hard drives well over and beyond the 2TB limitation.

The downside, older devices Smart TV’s, Media Players, DVD/Bluray Players etc are not compatible with the new standard,

Hmm…looks like I’ll be selling on my drives :frowning:
Been looking up the spec on my Mede8er and the processor is Realtek RTD1185-256Mb SPI Flash-256Mb DDR2 SDRam. Compatible with Fat32 and NTFS. The WD drive is exFat which I thought would be okay, but I’ve also seen words about the incompatibility between older players and newer drives.
There doesn’t seem to be a work around so it’s back to the drawing board!
Thanks again for your help Joey

Why not format the drives to NTFS or Fat32?

Would that work? I thought ExFat format covered both…?