WD My Book, No network access - How to reset?

Hi there,
I have this WD My book P/N WBACG0020HCH-00 which cannot be accessed on the network.
Black housing, probably 1TB (maybe 2TB, not sure). RJ-45 port only
It does not appear on the list of devices connected to the network.

LED blinks blue/green (stays 7 seconds blue and 1 second green)

Tried 4s reset (power on) and 40 sec reset (PWR off)

It might have been configured once with a fixed IP address.

Any idea what I can try


Holding the reset switch for 10 seconds while the unit is on should clear a static IP configuration. Are you certain the front LED is blinking green instead of yellow? A yellow/blue cycle indicates the unit is stuck on booting, which could be due to a power supply issue or an enclosure failure.

Hi Trancer
Blinking Blue and Green, not yellow