WD MY Book Mirror Edition - 2TB Windows 10 upgrade

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from windows 7. And now the WD Launcher does not work for my drive. I can’t seem to find drivers to update this. Any assistance on this?


Unfortunately, no application or driver updates are available past Microsoft Windows 7 for the WD My Book Mirror. Have you tried activating compatibility mode in the program’s properties? You may have to navigate your computer’s Program Files folder in order to locate the executable.


No, that does not work. But thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, this may be considered a “legacy” drive but the device typically will last many years and in those years there will be a few new OS upgrades that will affect the product. I certainly find it crappy that WD does not support this in Windows 10. I have only had the drive for about five years and innocently thought that an upgrade would take place at the next OS level. In my opinion, this puts WD in the same league as HP as far as software support, which I consider to be less than desirable and optimal to the customer.

So I will use the Windows utilities to back up my data now. And should the drive need o be replaced at some point, I will look to another company to replace this product.

And If this particular drive is not supported under Windows 10, then they should note that under the their “legacy system” support page instead of making us waste our time looking for a resolution to this situation.

I can only hope that WD realizes that they are affecting a great many of their customers with this decision and will provide support for Windows 10

I too am in the same boat, and I am completely shocked at WDs position on their legacy drives. I didn’t realize that WD products had a predefined shelf life. Very shocking for a hardware company that (you would think) should be standing behind the longevity of their products. I too will look to another vendor for my next hard drive purchase. Thanks for nothing WD.

I bought a WD My Book Mirror drive a few years ago to securely store my family pictures and was so pleased with it that I bought my daughter one as well. Everything was fine until she moved back into my house a few weeks ago and it was discovered that my PC would not recognise her drive. After several days of research (and panic) I discovered that the file structure of her drive was broken including the boot section (which I had to restore using Ubuntu) but her pictures were still there. These were all recovered by the excellent “GetDataBack Simple”, which cost me £60. I then formatted her drive and restored her pictures to it. Unfortunately even worse was to come when I plugged by own drive back into my PC and found that its file structure was now broken, whereas it had worked fine before. I then plugged my daughter’s drive back in and found that the PC would not recognise it either, i.e. I now had two broken WD My Book Mirror units! I have a fairly good technical knowledge and am very aware of the importance of correct shutdown of USB devices so have been very careful about that. In view of the information contained in this thread there seems to be a very serious compatibility problem with Windows 10 that screws up the file structure of the WD My Book Mirror unit. Most people would have invested in these for backup of their precious family history (pictures and videos) on the basis that simultaneous failure of both drives within the black box would be highly unlikely. I am therefore absolutely shocked to discover that WD have allowed their customers to be exposed to such a serious problem. At the very least WD should issue warning notices to everyone who has registered one of these drives with them.