WD my book live

Can you download files directly to the my book live? If you can, can you start the download with your PC  to the my book live then turn your PC off and your file continue to download?

Sorry mate,

You might be able to do that with third party application, but nothing that I can recommend since that procedure are not supported.

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do you mean like torrents?

yeap, define “download”…

Ok for example:

  1. I get sent a PDF at work by email but I’m not allowed to store personal data on the work computers. Can I download it directly to the my book live at home?

  2. My daughter is at home and wants to watch a movie we don’t currently have on the my book live. While I’m out can I torrent the movie with my laptop and put it on the my book live with out the saving it to my laptop?

1: Not sure about the WD Apps. Have you tried them? If not, read the manual, as it mentions a couple of options, including FTP (not secure/encrypt though).

Otherwise, there are a couple of other options, but more advance.





*For remote management, you will need to make changes on Firewall/router, etc…

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Do it through wd2go.com.  It connects to your drive via the browser and works great.  It’s what I do in those situations.

My bok essantial do not appear in my computer?*So i can’t use it…

i have

Ordinateur portable HP Pavilion g6-2153s with usb 3 ports

What can i do?

there is no phone support for europe, in french in all case!

tihnk of yours answer

Clément 3


transmission 2.77 is a good option but theres also the deluge tornet server I actually prefer it


Clement3 wrote:

My bok essantial do not appear in my computer?*So i can’t use it…

What can i do?

Try posting in the correct forum: