WD My Book Live


I am new to this so i apologise now if this is the most obvious and simplest of issues that has arisen.

I have My Book Live connected to a BT Home Hub 3 router and got it working on the home network no problem. I couldn’t  see it on my XP work laptop but after installing WD SmartWare Upgrader this can now be seen. However the problem i have is when i am at work and trying to access My book remotely.

Before i had the access to the XP at home i used to get the SSL issue that alot of people seem to have. Now that i have the access to the XP when i log on remotely i get to the point of below:

After which i double click on the image to see the shares through explorer but it never gets that far. The progress bar at the bottom of the browser gets to about half way then i get this:

At first i thought maybe its just taking a long time to establish a connection to the drive. So i left it for a godd 10 minutes possibly 15 and yet nothing changes. I know i have shares enabled and multiple users and have accessed through them and the result is still the same. Like i say i am new to network storage devices and remote access so i’m hoping it is something quite obvious as if it involves port forwarding and settings within the router i could be in trouble as i’ve no idea what i am doing there.

So any help would be most appreciated.

We’ll have to wait until a moderator approves your image postings.  We can’t see them.