WD My Book Live won't play nice with Samsung Smart TV


Sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot, but I didn’t see anywhere that it seemed to belong.

I recently bought a new Samsung Smart TV (UN55KU6290) and I have attached it to the network via Ethernet cable to the same router that my WD My Book Live is attached. The TV can find the NAS and will play music off of it, but eventually the playback freezes. I contacted Samsung but they said that since it only freezes that particular aspect of the TV it is a third party hardware issue, not an issue with their TV. Since the TV is otherwise able to access the internet, I don’t think the issue is at the router level. The real trick is that I cannot even re-initialize the access to the NAS. Every time I go back to choose it as an input source for the TV, it just shows the frozen screen again. Can any offer some advice on where to start diagnosing this problem? Would it be an issue with the NAS cycling or something? Is the issue maybe with Twonky? (I still think there might be something of an issue on the Samsung side since they couldn’t tell me how to re-initialize access, but unless I can prove it, they’re not likely to be a ton of help).

Thanks in advance,

Try disabling your NAS’s sleep behavior settings in the unit’s Dashboard for testing purposes, then assign a static IP address to it. Try testing playback issues related to video files as well in order to verify if the issue relates to overal playback time.