WD My Book Live Slow, Webinterface login not possible

WD My Book Live needs 3 days to move 83.5 GB from one user to another user internally inside the drive

WD 3TB My Book Live SLOW UNUSABLE - Moving Files internally - Webinterface slow and not working web login

Defacto WD 3TB is terrible slow and absolut not working like it should. It is getting hot so that you nearly can’t touch it. The webinterface is nearly not loading at the beginning on MAC. It is incredible that the drive needs even 9 hours for 20GB Data to be moved from one folder to another on the same drive! 

Beside this you can’t login on the webinterface as it always says that the password is wrong etc .etc.

The idea of Western Digital is really nice but the way they are doing it is simply absoute unusable even in Home Use


No response in 9 Hours - where is the support???

The harddrives are meanwhile cooking

The full diagnostic test is not willing to end and meanwhile running since over 20 hours?

Does anybody know about alternatives to WD drives?

What experiences with Seagate etc.


The WD showed just minutes before 95% and now it is showing 10% of the Diagnostic test - I open up new Thread concerning Diagnostic test!

Hi, the link below might help with your problem. If it doesn’t help, press the reset button on the back of the My Book for 4 seconds.