WD My Book Live Remote Access Problem


I can not establish remote access from web or mobile phone to my WD My Book Live .

I have made port forwarding from my network switch and used extrenal/internal 7880 80 for WD2goPort1, 9843-443 for WD2goPort2 . Also I have made confugration on My Book live UI and when I click enable Remote Access, the satatus turns connected. But when I try to connect from my mobile phone, it fails and ‘Drive offline, Local dcuments are avilable (971)’ fault messsage apears, also can not connecet from the web.

When I chech port status from https://ping.eu/port-chk/, 7880 status is open but 9843 seems closed, does the problem may be because of port 9843?

What other ports can I use, and also how can I list the ports of my WD?

Thank you