WD My Book Live problem running full scan

First off, never getting 100Megabyte per second reads.

Not that it matters because its still smokin fast otherwise.

I purchase a drive for a small business to backup their workstations to. Nothing mission critical or anything, mainly to save me some time.

Anyhow, firmware update was wonky getting stuck towards the end on one drive.

I go to full scan started before I went to bed on my two wd mybook live 2tb drives.

When I wake up, one finished with no issues the other one is showing that it is still running.

I am out all day working and get home with it again stuck. I have a feeling that I will need to rma this unit but the problems are only intermittent.

With the other unit, copying a few videos at 350mb each I get 40MB sustained write speed but only 2MB read speed. From a different machine I copy over an iso and get 40MB write and average of 70 read.

So it is clear to me that there is some work to be done here.

My actual question is WHY did the full scan get stuck? I’m going to retry it again to see what happens. I feel like I’m beta testing for WD.