WD My Book Live Duo no longer compatible with Mac OS

I have a WD MyBook Live Duo and after upgrading my OS to 10.11.5 I can no longer connect via SMB to the MyBook drive. Also time machine backup is no longer possible. I can connect via cifs:// protocol, however it only allows accessing the files but no time machine. Also the WD dashboard cannot be accessed via cifs:// protocol.
My question to WD: Whilst this may be mainly an issue for Apple to fix, are you planning to help users to establish a fix, or do we have to wait for Apple to eventually offer a fix in the months to come?

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Hello there,

In order to better assist you could you share more information on the issues you are experiencing? Like the exact error you are getting on the computer.

  1. In finder, I go to connect server, then enter the address of the drive using smb protocol, click connect.
  2. Window pops up asking to select the volume to mount (e.g. time machine backup), click ok
  3. A window asks for name and password, I enter both, click connect
  4. Instead of connecting, the window from step 2 re-appears, I click on the volume to mount and ok
  5. The window listing the volumes starts shaking but does not connect
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I am having the same problem. I have tried this fix and this fix in the Apple discussion forums but the switching from smb://… to cifs://… is the only thing that works though it does not work well at all. People with other vendor’s NAS seem to be having similar issues. Connectivity to my older MyBook World still works fine (must be using SMB1). It looks like it’s something between SMB2 support in the MyBook Live and the same in OS X that’s been rendered inoperative.

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One thing I’ve noticed is that Time Machine does work at times when you first connect one volume on the drive via cifs:// and then try to mount another drive via smb://
However I hope that WD is providing a fix for this problem soon that makes it 100% reliable.

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Same problem here, please fix!!!

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Same problem. Please send help…

I have the same problem, but on a circa 2013 MyBook Live. Samba on the MyBook Live is still at version 3.6.5, which doesn’t seem to have full support for SMB2 or SMB3 (https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba3/SMB2 - this mentions SMB3 and Samba 4 in several places).