WD - MY BOOK LIVE - 2TB Ethernet ---- "Page is Unesponsive"

I just got a new DELL computer that has WINDOWS7.  Everything worked well until I installed WD  - MY Book LIVE.  Now when I turn on the computer, it gets stuck with the little circle endlessly going round and round.  I turn the computer off and go on again, and when I click to get to a website, it gets stuck again.  Its as if it is trying to get  to a website and cant get there.  In fact , an error meesage pops up saying that “page is unresponsive.”  But from the looks of it the page is untitled, so I’m not sure how to indentify it.  Any suggestions ?

is your bios set to try to boot off the network?  try going to BIOS and setting your harddirve as the first and only boot option.