WD My Book internet disconnection

When I connect Ethernet cable from WD to router internet connection is lost  when plug out is reconnected . This disc was disconnected for few months . Now I can not manage to connect to router again . When connected on cable not even visible in Router’s settings ,  is from EE in UK . I completely do not know what is going on . Has anybody similar problem ?

Power it up without connecting the cable.  

Wait until the LED changes to Green.

Press the reset button on the back for 4 to 5 seconds (it will reboot.)

The network configuration and passwords will be set to factory default.  Your data will not be affected.

Sorry it didn’t work out .  Is there maybe another way harder one to reboot WD ?

Inner ring on power button is off outer one is rotating .  Discs inside are rotating too at least unit is wibrating  . It even seams that reboot   button does not work . After few seconds of holding nothing is happening .

Still when connecting to ruter internet is gone .

Mirek wrote:

Inner ring on power button is off outer one is rotating .  

Uh, what?   

EDIT:  Oh, wait a sec.  You’re in the wrong forum.   This forum is for the MY BOOK LIVE NAS.  You probably have a different system.  What model number do you have?

Yes wrong forum . I didn’t pay attention .