WD MY Book Installation Disk problem

Hi All,

I am a newbie to WD My Book having just purchased a World Edition 1Tg version.

My problem is that when I install the installation disk (the Equipment has been connected up as per the Quick Install manual), the panels such as ‘click accept’ button is blank. So are all the other buttons. Its like trying to open a door if you are blind.

Any one had a similar problem and if so what was the solution.

Many thanks in anticipation


Hi, yes, I’m seeing the same problem (Windows 7).   Did you find a solution?

Hi Stur,

Did not receive any replies on this forum so phoned Western Digital and they confirmed that the installation  disk which came with the equipment would not work for Windows 7. They pointed me to their support website where you can download an update. It worked OK to a degree and I finalled managed to get My Book up and running with the Windows 7 I have on my laptop.



ive got the same problem, can you give me the link where you download the update because i cant find it…


Hi There,

Here is the link to Western Digital Support. It is their download page and you have to identify your model of My Book  and your operating system which should be Windows 7.


See how you get on with link.