WD My Book firewire for Mac problems

;;;;I have a WD My Book 500gig external drive for my mac that is less than a year old. Just yesterday I plugged it into my MacBook and the icon did not appear on the desk top. I can hear the drive working and the WD Drive Manager shows up at the top and the WD Anywhere Backup appears on the dock but no icon to click on to get into the drive. When I click on the Anywhere Backup icon it gives me the last update and the hard drive icon with a red exclamation point on it and next to the monitor icon it says disconnected. 

My brother-in-law looked at it and we went to disc utilities first aid. The drive shows up there and when highlighted information about it appears at the bottom. Mount point says “not mounted” and format says "MS-DOS file system (FAT32). This seemed strange to us. Repairs and first aid did nothing to change the situation. Any ideas. I have a lot of iMovie files on that disk that I would rather not have reconstruct from the original tapes again.

Can you highlight your drive’s partition within Disk Utility and then mount it by clicking File-> Mount (partition)?

The hard drive icon no longer appears on my screen, hence I am unable to restore any information from the external drive.