WD My book external drive problems

Hello all

I have been using the data stored on this drive quite considerably over the past few days and also have been using the drive on  two laptop computers. When I powered up the other day the main power lamp on the external drive just sits there flashing. The drive is no longer recognised on the laptop and I can’t  get beyond this current  status.

Any help welcome



Please see the link below:


Thanks for the response. I have checked all cables and connections and all seems to be working okay. Like I said previously I have been using the drive almost daily for the last week or so. As yet I still have not resolved the problem. Normally when I unplug the drive then re-plug to the pc there is an audible sound made that lets you know the connection has been made or lost but I am not even getting that.  There is no sound or vibration from the unit to suggest the drive is even trying to load just the flashing light on the front panel.

Okay here again. looking at some feed back on the communicty pages I found this.

  • Attach one end of the power cable directly to the drive and the other end into a wall outlet. Wait a couple seconds for the drive to do its internal test, then move to the next step.
  • If the drive has a power button on the back or front, press it to power the unit on. The lights on the drive should illuminate and after a few seconds go solid. If the lights move a little, that is normal.

The section that states if the drive has a power button on the front… When I pres the power button at this stage all I get is a single flash then it goes out. The lamp only flashes continuousley when I connect the drive to the pc