WD My Book Essentials 2TB doesn't work

I have a problem with WD My Book Essentials 2TB Model: WDBACW0020HBK-EESN

A few weeks ago, I wanted to watch a movie, so I opened the disk folder and then clicked on movies folder and it just started loading (apparently it was in sleep mode or something). Because I didn’t want to wait, I just canceled it. And after that I couldn’t access the disk anymore. So I unplugged it from computer and plug it back in, but the computer didn’t recognize it anymore. It didn’t show up in explorer, but it did show up in disk manager… Since I didn’t know what to do I asked this on a forum. Someone answered me, that LBA table crashed. Now I have absolutely no idea what that means and I have no idea how to fix that… I tried to save data with recovery software, but as far as I can see it doesn’t go anywhere (after about 250 hours of loading still says it didn’t find any files or folders)… It still has guaranty, but if I send it there, they would just send me a new disk, so I want to at least save data before doing that…

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know what data recovery program you used, but recuva and testdisk have worked for me in the past. 

Well I used EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard… I had some recommendations that this program works, but it doesn’t seem to work. After 300 hours it still says it hasn’t found any files yet, and I doubt it will find anything. Also I doubt any other recovery software would work… And as far as I can remember recuva didn’t work for me, since it didn’t even detect the disk.

So again I’m asking if anybody knows how to set up LBA table on my disk, and if he’s willing to help. Help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance