WD My Book Essential USB3 with NO DISK included?

So, I open it up, its a 2TB model, everything is normal, but then there is no disk software included. It asks for it and I cant access my hard drive without it. Is there a download link to the installation software I can steal off the internet instead? Because this is making me very angry, because I originally was not planning on purchasing this model in the first place.

Any help is appreciated, also I might just be a moron and just didnt see a secret pouch or something. But please someone help me! I really dont want to go get another one from the store, especially when I cant return this one after opening. In case you need any codes on the box, heres the codes:

R/N: C3C


P/N / N/S: WDBACW0020HBK-01


The Software is on your western digital hard drive