WD My Book Essential USB2.0 500GB

I wonder if anyone here can help me?  I am giving away this drive and decided to run an erasing programme to wipe the drive completely.   I downloaded the software from WD for this model but can’t figure out how to install it on the drive since the computer can’t find it!  I just want to make sure it is working as it should.

Any tips would be much appreciated.

Hi there, can you post the FULL model number number of that drive? WD has them named the same even though they are from different generations, also what is the name of the software you tried to use to erase it? And what operating system do you have? You could try manually erasing the unit without software as well depening on yor operating system.

Just to add something else: What type of computer you are using? Desktop or Laptop? Have you try your drive in a different computer?