WD My Book Essential : Unable to enumerate


We are trying to use WD My Book Essential (P/R : WDBACW0010HBH-00) running on latest firmware with Host Controller supporting latest xHCI and USB3 spec.

Now, Host and Device enters in U0 on initial level.

But when driver does the port reset initially, Host and device both enters into recovery and than to hot reset state.

Host somehow exits to rx_detect which is suspicious and device remains in hot reset state for around 120ms which is not as per spec.

Does the WD drive I have mentioned above, is as per the latest USB3 spec and supporting hot reset?

Thanks in advance,


Hello, have you tried connecting the my book on another computer, to see if the same problem happens?


Thanks for the reply.

Actually we are developing our xHCI Host for USB3.0.

We do have another reference xHCI Card, and drive works well with it.

But that xHCI is as per older spec.

Moreover, our the device behaves same way for the initial Hot reset but manages to enumerate.

But I see different state transition during second Hot Reset which leads to failure condition.

WD Device stays in Hot Reset state for aroud 116ms which is way to long as spec suggests timeout of 12ms in hot reset.active and 2ms in Hot reset.exit.

Please, clarify above points.