WD My Book Essential External HD

Running Windows 7. Recently added a second 3T external HD. Initially showed up in both the “Computer” file and the “Devices and Printers” file. However, for some reason it is now not showing up in the “Devices and Printers” file area. Is this  a problem and should I be looking for a way to correct this?

My current set up has a 1T WD external HD set up for auto backup from my desktop. The 3T is for managing photos in my  Lightroom4 catalogs without the auto backup installed . I plan on adding an additional 3T for photo backup but before I do I want to correct the problem I’m having with the installed 3T.

Thanks for any heads-up regarding my question. 

Try running a test with DLG to find any problems with the hard drive, if the test completes successfully don’t worry. 


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Alucardx23, Thanks for the reply and link. Drive checked out fine so I’m continuing with my set up. Still don’t know why the “Devices and Printers” dropped the listing of this particular drive although I’ve had stranger things happen.