WD My Book Essential can not find Linksys NAS

Hi all. Did I do a basic error here? I bought a  3TB WD My Book essential and wanted to use it to backup my files from my Buffalo Linksys NAS.

But I can not get the WD to neither find, nor backup the NAS.

Is the WD My Book Essential capable of backing up a NAS? Or should I have bought a WD My Book Live to be able to do that? I never imagined it should be a problem to access a NAS with the WD.

Thanks in advance for your advice.



If you are using WD Smartware, be aware that the version bundled with this USB drive will not backup data from a NAS, at least for now. Only the version bundle with the My Book Live is capable of backing up from a NAS.

Hi Oxter

I find it problematic and unacceptable, and I am not impressed with My book from Western Digital.

At the bottom of this reply please find the official text presenting the Essential. Please tell me from where in the text I should have found out I could not backup a network drive?

I did not imaging it to be a problem for a 200$ HD to find and backup a NAS. This is so basic it never crossed my mind it could be an issue to find a NAS drive. I went through the packaging material and the discriptions following the product, and you really have to look hard to find any indication that you can not backup a NAS. It proclames one can easily backup all files.

The WD My Book Live is not much more expensive than the Essential, so it was not even a matter of money. I just ran into the WD MB Essential first, and bought it.

If this really is the case I have just waisted 200$. Are you saying I would need to buy the Mybook Live to be able to create backups of my Linksys NAS? Or is there an update under way for the Essential software bundle that will allow me to backup my NAS even with the Mybook Essential?

Your response is highly appreciated.

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I understand your concern. Now, I’m just a moderator, I’m not tech support. You should contact WD directly in this regards as they can provide you with a better answer to your question.

Hi Oxter

Thanks for the advice. And how/where would I contact WD? Locally (i.e. Denmark), or somewhere global tech support?

Thanks in advance and kr


Denmark 00800-ASK4WDEU
(00800- 27549338)
9 am - 5:30 pm CET
9 am - 4 pm CET

More information in the link below:


Thanks for your support and guidance. I will follow that path.