WD My Book Essential 3TB video files not recognized

I have a Samsung LED and a My Book Essential 2 TB that works great with watching videos through the usb hookup.  I filled up my 2TB and bought a 3TB My Book etc. and my computer reads and plays all the videos fine, but the tv does not recognize any of the video files.  I’ve taken a file that worked from the 2TB to the 3TB and it doesn’t so it’s not a file issue.  I tried reformatting the drive and updating firmware (things I don’t remember having to do with the 2TB).  Any thoughts?

I’d bet that the Sammy doesn’t support GPT partition tables (necessary for drives over 2TB) and thus doesn’t support drives bigger than 2TB.

Maybe it has to do with the drive size and format type. Drives above 2T need to be formatted using GPT instead of MRB. Is that size drive compatible with your video system?