WD My Book Essential 3.0 not compatible with WD TV Play Media Player?

Dear all,

I am new joiner in this community and need your help or advise.

I have bought the last 4TB WD My Book Essential 3.0 but when I connect it to my WD TV Play Media Player (Gen 1), nothing happens. I have a blue screen with no menu on my TV.

It works well with a WD Hard disk 2 TB but not the last 4TB WD My Book Essential 3.0.

What can I do ?


You say you have a WD Play gen 1, is this the latest model with word play written on it and a blue coloured base?

Not positive about this and I’m sure someone will confirm it, I think there is a 3TB limit…if there is maybe you can partition your 4tb into 2 - 2tb partitions?

Dear all,

Thanks for your first replies.

My WD TV Play Media Player is referenced as WNT2909xxxxx. He is Gen 1.

My external hard drive WD My Book Essential 3.0 with 4 TB is referenced WDBACWxxxxxxx

I already tried to partition in 2 x 2 TB but it also doesn’t work. Blue screen with no menu…

I had a look on the WD support = http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9525/p/208,455/session/L3RpbWUvMTM2NDcyOTU2Ny9zaWQvbXlRVXZ4bWw%3D

It seems that

WD My Book Essential 3.0 WDBACWxxxxxxx

is not compatible at all with WD TV Play Media Player

But it is the only hard drive not compatible !! Why ? What can I do to use my WD TV Player with My Book Essential 4 TB ?

What is the solution ? I can’t send back my 2 My book Essential 4 TB to the shop !!


What is the WNT2909xxxxx?

WNT2909xxxxx is the WD reference of the WD HD Media Player Gen 1 to show film or photo on TV

Here is a link to the WD gen 1 player, is this what you have. I have no idea what a WNT2909xxxxx is.

What firmware do you have on the player?

This forum is for the brand new WD Play, see link below

I’m guessing WNT2909xxxxxx is the serial number, not the product number.

The WDTV HD product numbers are WDAVN00 for the Gen 1, and WDBABF0000NBK & WDBABG0000NBK for the Gen 2.

But regardless of Whether it’s a Gen1 or Gen2, Only *NON-GPT* drives are supported.   

Keep in mind that the WDTV HD products (almost four or five years old now) boxes long predated the introduction of GPT on most hard drives…

But it could be connected to a PC and shared?

No.  The old WDTV HDs had no network capability at all.   The new Play doesn’t support network shares.

What is GPT ?

So your advide is to buy what WD device to be able read my My Book Essential 3.0 4TB ?

Is it WD TV Live Hub Media Center OR WD TV Live Streaming Media Player ?


yes you are right. This was the serial number. Not the product number

You are right. The product number is WDAVP00 as for my WD HD TV Media Player Gen 1.

GPT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GUID_Partition_Table