WD My Book Essential 2TB HDD with Power Adabter .Not Able to Spin properly to get Detected by PC

Hello There;    

My Book WD 2TB Essential with power adabter , bought it something like 3 months ago , it was perfect.

once a day, i was near the Laptop when it made the sound of USB un-Plugging … i checked , my WD HDD wasnt there on Disk Drives , i woundered !

Rebooting the Laptop fixed the problem for Only 4 Minutes … The Cable is perfect and Changed the Adabter and faced again the same problem . 

Even Changing the Laptop wont make any difference.  Now , even if i un-pluged the Power Supply Cable out of the Device , sometimes it works and sometimes doesnt … this is not a solution. its a temporary one for only 2 - 5 minutes    

actually, i use bittorent alot . but i have never set my WD 2TB Essential HDD as a download location being afraid to face such a problem.   i guess its a hardware problem from the inside… cuz if you think about it , it was perfect and nothing changed in my computer settings, but suddenly its not Spining up and the computer cant detect it …

 WD Community … I need help over here , files inside the HDD are very important … and unfortunetely, they are not backed-up … but im sure they are still there … the problem is with HDD Spinning and Detection.

If the issue also happens with a different computer try a different power adapter and USB from WD if this does not help, you might need to use data recovery software or company to extract the files from the drive and get it replaced