WD My Book Essential 2TB **bleep** and Complete Drive Test

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My newly purchased (11 day old)  WD My Book Essential 2TB has **bleep** and Complete Drive Test.

The reason I even bothered scanning  i s b e c a u s e   i   t  r  i  e d   c o p y i n g  2  **bleep** Essential to my PC and both times the transfer quit half way with a msg saying something along the lines of “cannot read from source disc…”

I am mortified since the hdd is half  f u l l  and  n o w   i   n e e d   t o  t r a n s f e r   m y   s t u f f    s o m e w h e r e   e l s e   b e f o r e  before I lose it.

Is there any troubleshooting I can do, any advise please?

f a  i…L e d 


q. u i  ck

d  r  i…ve

t. e s…t


Sorry for the censorship. There was an error with our filters. It has been corrected.


I have had this HD for as few days and it I have had similar problems. When trying to copy stuff to the wd I am getting messages saying that it cannot find the file, if I try to delete files from the wd it says taht I cannot find the file on the drive. I also think that the software is making my pc sluggish.

i going to take it back tomorrow and get a different mode.