WD My Book Essential 2t External Hard Drive (Desktop)

Hello, I dropped my hard drive today. It worked for few minutes, then stopped.  Now when I connect to my laptop my computer won’t show it. When I try to eject it it reads as Eject my Book 1140. Which is different from what it used to read. Is there any way to save my music collection stored on it?

Quite often when a drive gets dropped it’s physically damaged and beyond do it yourself recovery. If you are thinking about professional recovery don’ try anything. If you want to try yourself first see if the drive is even recognized in Disk Management. If it’s not there then recovery software won’t work.


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Thank You, Joe S. As far as I can tell the drive is not recognized by Disk Management. I have my brother coming over today to look at it. I See that WD recommends some professional recovery companies, what do you think the chances are of recovery if professionally done. Thanks again for your time