WD My Book Essential 1T, USB 3.0 - problem with USB 3.0 connection

Hi everybody,
I bought WD My Book Essential 1T with USB 3.0 today… I have such problem. If I connect it through USB 2.0 port to my HP Elite Book (Win 7, 64bit), it seems that it works. But if I connect it through USB 3.0 port, computer do not detect external HDD…
I read on web, that problem cold be in incorrect USB cable, that it is too long or thin. But cable was included…I am not able to imagine, that producer sent incorrect cable in original box.

I tried to read WD community. I found that many people have similar problem, but no clear solution. I look for some service pack from WD… or something like it. The last step is, that I will return this machine back to store and buy something witch works correctly.
Did somebody solved the some problem?



Contact WD directly they will ship you another cable just for testing purposes.  You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support