WD My Book Ess 2.0 1TB - WD SmartWare Installation

I have some troubles installing my second hand HDD.

In order to use the SmartWare feature, I noticed there are two softwares to install i.e. WD SW Utilities and WD SW SoftWare Update.

I am using Windows Vista.

I should have installed the WD SW SoftWare Update properly now. However,  there are problems for me finding the file for WD SW Utilities to install.

From this link provided,  http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/wdsmartwareupdate/utilitiesstep1.asp?id=wdfMB_Essential&os=WIN

The download link seems bad.

So, is anyone able to help over here?



Here is a link for the software update once the firmware is installed click on continue to step 2