WD My Book Esential

I bought this device just before Xmas last year and it all connected

well worked well lights on etc showed up on the drive icons then

suddenly today no lights no power - tried pressing switch on the back

over and over nothing - a dead black box !!!

Needless to say years of valuable data is on it ?

Whats the story ?

did you check that you connected the cables properly? has it been recently left on without you switching the power cable off? lightning or thunder might cause power surge and will cause your drive to not work… it happend to me once and i had to buy a new drivealltogether… cannot be replaced or serviced…

hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply

As I recall we did have a recent power outage while it was connected - if its now

cactus can the data

be retrieved  ?

Hi, yes you could retrieve the data you’ve lost… simply go to the WD support area and choose data recovery… follow the steps and your data will be retrieved. but there’s a catch however, WD takes a long time to get hold of your HD and recover the data…sometimes it cannot be recovered at all…and the price they charge for data recovery isnt worth it…depends on how valuable your data is…i suggest if its not too valuable, might as well get a new HD


Thanks ZG - However it occurred to me in the dead of night that it

might be the 12v Power Adaptor - so I called my son-in-Law who

came over with a Multimeter - and Bingo - no reading - Its the

Adaptor that fried. So final test if the theory holds is to get the

Vendor ( Officeworks ) to replace or substitute it tomorrow

and line test it there !   Will keep you posted and Thanks

again for your interest - Solly

no problem solly, good for you… the power adapter gave way for you HD…i hope your HD is fine and that you’l just need to replace the adapter…that’s kinda cheap. anyways i suggest that u get a voltage regulator plug/adapter or a surge protector so that you could save your HD/hard drive power adapter when there is a sudden surge of electricity like lightning or trips…its cheap and could save your valuable data. don’t make the same mistake as i did. my HD was fried beyond repair due to thunder…now