WD My Book Elite problem


My friend has WD My Book Elite 1TB external hard disk. Around a year ago he turned on his pc and external connected to it, and his pc was corrupted… I don’t know the exact details but I think they’re not necessery… Now the external hard disk is giving error whenever it is connected to any pc(my pc is windows 7 and I’m trying this on it now). My system gives me a message that I format the external hard disk before using it, and according to my knowledge all the data will be deleted(my friend doesn’t want to format it either, it gives him the format error on his pc too). My friend has very has very important informations on it (around 1TB  data). I’m not newbie at pc stuff, but I don’t have much experience with recovering data from external hard disks. Can you help me so I can recover the data from the hard disk without deleting it?

EDIT: I used “DiskInternals Partition Recovery 4.2” and tried to recover something. The software was random choice. There’re many options, and I started some process, but it was taking too long and I stopped the process after 15 min… Then I opened something in the program and it showed some of my friend’s files recovered. It seems like it’s possible to recover all the files, but can you tell me some practical and sure way, because this was taking too long and I don’t know if it is because of the large data (around 950 GB I think my friend said), or I’m doing something wrong. Also, in the recovery process, where exactly are the files recovering to? Is it on the hard disk itself or something? Please explain. TNX IN ADVANCED

You might try making a Linux Live CD and boot from that Then you might be able to copy the data off easier that way.


can u tell me the estimated time for 1TB data recovery process?