WD My Book Elite E-Label Fix

I don’t know if the dev team is already working on this, because I do not see many people posting in regards to it. But on the E-label for the My Book Elite (I assume this must be on all Elites) the guage that shows how much space is availabe on the drive “magically” disappears once you hit the 0.99TB range.

I guessing this is the result of some programming glitch in the firmware of the drive because if you revert back to 1TB or higher the gauge “magically” shows back up on the E-Label.

I have seen a similar post to this one but no one from the support of dev team responded to it, so therefore I am posting it again.


Have you tried to PM one of the WD staff?

Rather interesting discovery.  Is this on a 1.5 or 2 TB model?  Do you know what firmware version you are on?

EDIT:  Also what version of Smartware do you have installed?


My drive is a 1.5TB model

I have the latest version of the SmartWare and as for the Firmware, I have the latest version before the 03/30/11 release (which by the I am not able to download. I’m guessing its due to server issues.)

I think that not too many people either have this drive or they just haven’t hit the 0.99TB range or mark on their drives in order to report on this issue.

We are looking into this problem.

This should be fixed in our next Smartware release.