WD My Book Duo Smartware removable?

Can anyone tell me if these dual hdd enclosures have the same WD Smartware virtual drive installed on their USB Controllers as the old single hdd enclosures have? I’d like to take two of my “WDBAAF0020HBK” out of their enclosures and put them in an empty my book duo. I’d like to solve the problem that my linux TV Box often will only recognize the Smartware drives and not the HDDs and their content.


I dont think this would work.

I recommend you ask WD support.

I contacted the support and they told me it should work if both drives are of the same model.
I just need to make sure I won’t be stuck with that WD Smartware virtual drive again before buying the My Book Duo.
Does it show in RAID 0 mode that there is just one hard drive with one partition and nothing else like that VCD image I can’t delete on my current single bay external hard drives?