WD My Book Duo, how to properly format the disks

Hello there,

I just received my WD My Book Duo and before installing and formatting disks, I have a few questions:

  • at the moment, I am using Mac environment for my work, but this might change - is ExFAT the best options for formatting?

  • I will set the disks in my WD My Book Duo in Raid1, after the disks are full - will I be able to just simply take one of the disks out of MyBook Duo housing and i.e. put it in another, smaller external disk enclosure so I will be able to use it on the field as well? Or I will always need the original housing to get to the data?


To my knowledge, yes. This will allow you to use the unit properly on the Mac.

Due to the firmware information on the drives, changing the enclosure is not a good option.

Thanks for your answer. What if I format the drives in the enclosure as a JBOD, simply, one disk being disk one and the other one, disk two, and then manually, or with help of a third party software, make my backups? In example, like I would do with a disk dock? Still would not work outside this WD enclosure?

Thanks again!