WD My Book Duo - Expanding Storage Beyond Original Size

Hi all,
I recently acquired a My Book Duo 28TB Drive. I purchased two 20TB WD Red Nas drives for it so I have a 40TB Raid 0 setup. I removed the original 14TB drives and added in each 20TB drive.

I am using a Mac and I have tried to set up Raid 0 configuration through WD Utilities App. Initially, when setting up the configuration, it would just hang. So I closed that out and it appears, it did actually configure the Raid 0 setup. I was able to determine this through the WD Discovery app on my Mac.

Unfortunately, in general, the My Book Duo isn’t mounting on my Mac (running Monterey 12.16.3). The My Book Duo does show in the WD Utilities app, but that’s it. I’ve tried restarting my computer etc. to see if it would mount but it was to no avail. I have also looked for the drive in the Mac Disk Utility app, but nothing appears there.

Can anyone advise of what I should consider doing to get things up and running?

Also, can any say if it is possible to begin with to use two 20TB drives? Is that an issue at all?

Hi @junipero,

Please refer to the article My Book Live & My Book Live Duo: Setup Using the Dashboard:

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:https://support-en.wd.com/app/ask

@junipero I got once from WD Support the answer that My Book Duo are compatible with REDs and GREENs. The answer did not give any indication of limitation on the capacity. Since My Book Duo is sold also with higher capacity than 40TB, I’d expect it should basically be ok.

However, I discourage you to use that particular enclosure. It puts an (intransparent) hardware encryption on your disks, which you can’t disable. If you may run into a situation of failing drives in the future, you have no chance to take the drives out and connect them internally for the matter of recovery attempts (and this is mandatory, since USB-connected hard drives are basically not appropriate for any data recovery attempt).

Get another USB enclosure, where you have the full freedom and control about your disks. If you wish to put encryption, use a software-based one as per your own choice etc.

Not to mention, you anyway need to think about an additional set of disks to backup this new storage you are about to use.

But final advise: USB hard drives are more prone to error than “properly internally connected disks”. I understand you have limited options (not to say, no option) to connect them internally to your Mac (unless it’s a pro tower), but you may want to consider a proper file server. USB disks run too high risk of getting (faster) corrupt. And again, this particular product (the enclosure) is anything but good, as you will be locked out of it in worst case scenario.