WD My Book Duo Dim White Light

I have a WD My Book Duo with 2 6TB drives in it. I was using it as a secondary backup at a RAID 0 12 TB. I had recently noticed that it had just a very Dim white light on it and was not recognized by by Mac running MacOS High Sierra. I had no other lights such as red lights on a drive or any other indications. This is my first My Book Duo so my knowledge was limited. In trying to determine if I had a bad drive, I took the 2 drives out of the array and put them in a Black Widow and plugged it into my Mac. Both drives were recognized but unable to be read even though I was backing up my Mac with them from time to time. I wanted to see if the drives were bad so I formatted them. The first one was successful and appeared to come up normal. The second one was recognized but did not format successfully. My questions are:

Is one of my drives bad?
Did I just Brick my unit because they operating system was on one of the drives.

I assumed that the Array controls would be on the firmware.

In reading thru other discussions some people say the OS is on one of the drives, not sure which one, and others not so sure.

I am just looking for a method to recover my system and determine what is wrong with it, since the only light I got was a Dim white light.


Hi boomer1,

I would suggest you to test the My Book device in order to isolate the issue with the device.

Refer the link provided below for instructions to run diagnostic on the drive.

“Setting up and using WD Security and WD Drive Utilities”: