WD My Book Duo 12TB only 10.92TB?

Ummm alright so I recently purchased the My Book Duo 12TB external HDD and I was (or still am) having some problems when I was/am setting it up today. It says when you plug the drive into your computer setup is supposed to initiate etc… well it didn’t and I ended up just downloading the setup utilities, backup, etc… from the support page and installing it that way… Anyways I have it all working (I think [I had to manually assign a drive letter in “Disk Management” AND format it]) and it says there is only 10.92 TB of space… I purchased a 12TB where has1.08TB gone to???

It’s some math thing. A 1 T drive formatted NTFS shows about 931 G. So mutiply that times 12 and you should get about 11.172 then deduct whatever software came on it and any virtual CD.


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You would think that would be advertised… But okay then…