Wd my book, do I have to use my cloud?

Maybe I am not understanding what I need to do . The install seams straight forward, but really looking to remove clutter (500 dvds) an storing files . Hoping to go paperless. Maybe thinkin for another type of hard drive to store my stuff.

Agree, you do need some more “understanding”. Transferring 500 DVDs to digital files is a gigantic and time-consuming task that also involves removing the copy protection from movie files using a program like AnyDVD. Not a job for novices. Before going any further, google to learn more and before thinking about what sort of drive to store the files on!

Another idea – get rid of DVDs you will never watch again.

Thanks Mike, I have been online looking for a download to do all that copy rights and whatknots to do these actions to rip and copy , just a pain in the ass, neighbor girl is a computer nerd with nothing better to do. Looks like she has a job cut out for her.

good luck.

just remember to buy 2 hard drives and keep one as a backup

cus if the hard drive fails and you don’t have a backup … then you’ve lost 500 movies.

I’ve got 10TB of Movies and TV Shows … all backed up onto another 10TB of Backup hard drives.