WD My Book, dead drive?


I do not know what hapened, but I seem to have a dead drive.
I may have tried using a 19v powersupply, but I’m not sure. I luckily thought that it was just a matter of transplanting that drive to my other My Book, but alas that did not work. Confirming atleast that it is not that My Book, the first My Book now worked fine with the other drive.

The drive is a WD2500JB, so the question is: Is it just a matter of transplanting the circuit-board from the one working to the other not working. Or is there a fuse that is blown deep inside the drive?
Any thoughts or insights is greatly appreciated!

The circuit board has a unique ROM on it (sometimes embedded in the controller) that needs to be moved to a donor PCB before it will work. If your data is of any value to you, it is probably safer to seek the assistance of a data recovery professional before further damage is caused.

There is a chance that the only issue is a TVS diode on the PCB that is shorted, but there is also a chance that the head preamp could be damaged from the surge as well.

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Thank you for your input! Really appreciated, the drive contains pictures that I would really like to have.
Does that ROM differ even from an identical drive, it is really unique?

With WD drives, it can sometimes work if you get an exact match.

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Mainly, HDD failure can happen due to the bad power supply, virus attack, damaged block, sectors and corrupted operating system. Here, I also suggest you to check out the below blog that explains all the measures to check the health of any hard disk:


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I’ve been doing data recovery for over 20 years and have not seen on hard drive failure because of a virus attack. I’ve seen lost data due to a virus attack, but never a damaged drive.

I use BD disks to backup important stuff, BD is immune to malware etc