WD My Book and Windows 7

I purchased a WD My Book external hard drive to make automatic back-ups on my computer which ran on Windows XP. I have just purchased a new PC using Windows 7 and can load and download information from the hard drive but the software to do automatic back-ups doesn’t work. Where can I find software to load for Windows 7? Western Digital seems to say that my hard drive is “out of warranty” and therefore not eligible for updated software.


What type of My Book you have? Is compatible with windows 7. I have found a compatbility list on the WD website.


Just read the post and this is my problem also. I have a My Book Essential Model # WD10000H1U-00. The software that came with it does not work on my new Windows 7 computer. Is there a way to continue using this device? I can’t afford a new one.

I have WD5000GO32. I initially was able to get this to work with my windows 7 home by downloading the MioNet. I re-imaged my conputer and now I can not access it even after installing MioNet. After playing around for a while I did get the public folder to come up. But I have stored allmy stuff outside the public folder in their own folders. I would def appreciate the help to access my files.

Please indicate the model number of your WD My Book…