WD My Book acting very strangely, double saving everything (need help)

Hi, just got this new My Book. I used to transfer things directly with my other drives, like cut/paste, but with this one because I’m not familiar, I let the backup do it.

So twice in a row now when I do a backup of music videos, it backs everything twice. I looked into it and I want to show you the paths (some of the words are made up):

WD Backup.swstor/Rosa/NTGMLWE

At this point, I see two folders, a Volume XYZ and a History one.

If I follow the Volume one: VolumeXYZ/users/Rosa/Videos

(btw The videos folder contains my music video subfolder)

If I follow the history one: History/VolumeXYZ/users/Rosa/Videos

Now in the past, the files in my history folder all had the word “last” at the end of the entries. The files also were of very small sizes. But now I notice that the music video folder there does not have those small sized files the the word “last” at the end, but has the exact same ones as are in the other path above.

In other words, for some reason it is backing it up to both paths.

What could be happening?

Much appreciate your help, I’m a tech newbie.


Remember, folks on WD Community are users, same as you. I don’t think WD technical people see our comments.

Your description is just about the same as mine. I don’t know why the backup structure is so large either. And many others have noted that the backup file space is about twice the size of the the original space. I have to assume the programmers designed it this way for their reasons.

If you fink out what is going on, please let us know.