WD My Book 8TB disconnecting every few seconds

I got the WD My Book 8TB. I was able to install the WD backup software (which didn’t seem to have enough options to my liking) and run what I think was a full backup of my system this morning. This evening when I got home, I kept getting notifications from Windows 10 asking what to do when connecting external drives, with the drive letter I assigned to my MyBook. Clicking on this did nothing. The announcement came up about every 10 seconds or so.

I went into Windows settings and changed it so that there would be no action when connecting external media, but I still kept hearing notifications that a device was being connected or disconnected every few seconds. If I opened up the file explorer and set it to Computer, then my windows explorer would crash.

Disconnecting my WD My Book solved all the problems, except obviously I now cannot use the drive.

What might be causing the device to connect and disconnect every few seconds?


It could be a power issue or a loose USB connection. Just in case, try using different USB Ports.

Are you able to test the drive on different PC? If yes, please do that. Also, make sure that the drive is connected directly to a wall outlet.