WD My Book 8TB causes windows to lag and hang continually


I have a WD My Book 8TB WDBFJK0080HBK-NESN that I just purchased online. Since the very first time I plugged it in, my laptop Windows OS hangs and is very jerky as soon as I plug the External HDD in. This happens for the entire time it is plugged in.
I have reformatted the drive and it made no difference at all. While doing a directory compare (manually) every time I need to scroll to view additional contents, the Windows Explorer box would turn white and the title would read (Not Responding). After about 10-15 secs the drive would become available and I would be able to continue. At times, it took less than 1 minute before the drive would do this.
The light remains steadily on and only flashes when reading. It never goes to sleep, even when I have everything else shut off, so I have to switch off the surge protector.
Anyone else having issues with an 8TB constantly hanging the Windows OS?

Hello, I have not seen this in the past, but have you tried connecting the drive to a different computer? Have you try with a different USB cable?

Yes, to both. I have two other 3.0 HDD’s and another laptop that I tested it on. I used a cord from the other External and tried the other laptop, but nothing changes.
My others are 4 & 5 TB and they don’t cause any lag at all. But the second I plug in the 8 TB, the system freezes intermittently until I disconnect it.