WD My Book 8 TB Issues

I purchased this drive to backup my files. I have had it less than 4 months. When I connected it to my Windows 10 PC last week I started getting all types of pop up boxes with error messages such as “drive needs to be formatted for use” - I have been using for 3 months without issue now it thinks it needs to formatted; drive needs repair - do you want Windows to try to repair - I clicked yes - came back once with unable to repair the next time nothing wrong with drive. After about 5 minutes I could see the files on the drive but could not access them. A little later I was able to access them. I have done the things shown in the knowledge base - trying on a different computer (using Windows 10 and Windows 7), using a different plugs/connectors, etc. I do not know if the drive is failing - which would be a tremendous problem since it is supposed to be my “backup” drive or if there is something else going on. I have submitted a ticket but just wanted to know if anyone might have other things to try while I am waiting on support. This drive was quite expensive and I really can’t afford to just chunk it and buy another.

Hi winger1,

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