WD My Book 500Gb stopped working - wrong power supply plugged in

I have got WD my book 500Gb. Some time ego I stupidly plugged wrong power supply to it, and unit stopped working. There was a bit of smell as something burned inside. Surprise, surprise. Does it mean that the unit is gone or just power supply circuit? Is there any way to retrieve information form the unit? I would highly appreciate your help. Thank you.

Probably the only person to help is fzabkar. He has helped some bypass problem and make the information available again. Send him a PM if you’re up to the repair task.


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Many times the fault is restricted to a shorted protection diode. If so, then there is an easy, no-cost DIY fix.

Can you upload detailed photos of the component sides of the USB-SATA bridge board, and the circuit board on the hard drive itself?

I have just had the same problem happen to me today.  I’m a DJ and my entire music library is stored on my drive.  I didn’t get any kind of a burning smell…just stopped powering on and the power supply light flashes when I plug it into the drive.  I mistakenly plugged in my laptop power supply to the drive by accident.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The most likely result is that the 12V TVS diode at location D4 on the hard drive’s PCB is shorted. Also check resistor R64. These components are near the SATA power connector.

There may also be protection devices on the USB-SATA bridge board.