WD MY BOOK 4TB not deleting files on back up when I delete them on source

Hi guys

I have the WD MY BOOK 4TB and it seems to be working perfectly except for one thing.


I have three drives:

C drive = 0.184 TB used

D drive = 0.442 TB used (used as temporary store for live projects)

E drive = 1.357 TB used

The total data equates to: 1.983 TB

However, the MY Book is showing 3.265 TB used.

I am putting this down to the large files I am creating and deleting when I have finished projects.

I generally back completed customers projects up to DVD ROM and file them rather than have them sat on a harddrive.

I am a 3D designer and some of my projects can get up to 12 gig plus.

I have two questions:

  1. How do I stop this happening?

  2. How do remove the D drive from the back up if that is the only solution and will that then cause the MY BOOK to delete the files?

Thanks guys


Welcome to the Community.

WD SmartWare, the built-in WD My Book application to backup files does not erase files even if erased from your computer. You can ensure the “D” drive will be ignored by changing the backup engine mode to File Backup and making sure the “D” drive is not checked.